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For the USGenWeb Logos go to: http://usgenweb.org/volunteers/logos.html

Stacy Whitney graciously and very artistically created this logo for the OHGenWeb Project. OHGW County Coordinators may use any of the graphics below to place on their OHGW county site.

When using this logo, you may use the following HTML coding for placement onto your web page:

<a href="http://www.ohgenweb.org">
<img src="REPLACE_WITH_GRAPHIC_FILE_NAME.gif" width="" higth=""></a>

Where you see REPLACE_WITH_GRAPHIC_FILE_NAME.gif, use the name of the graphic you choose below. For example, REPLACE_WITH_GRAPHIC_FILE_NAME would be replaced by ohGenWeb150_sunset.gif to use the graphic at the top of this page.

Macintosh: Click-hold the image of your choice to access the pop-up menu; choose "save image as..." and save to your hard drive.

IBM: Right-click on the image of your choice and click on the 'save image as' option and save to your hard drive.

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